Help Us


I earnestly pray that you have been strengthened and encouraged in your faith with us here online.

My wife and I would welcome and encourage your spiritual and physical support as we are endeavoring to serve our great God and the Body He has so graciously redeemed by His blood.

Spiritual Needs

First and foremost we are in need of prayers and spiritual encouragement.  We desperately covet prayers from those whose faith would take up the spiritual fight that we are taking up alongside us.  We need wisdom, patience, love, courage, boldness, and greater revelation of Christ.  We need strength to resist temptation and strength to press onward in our faith toward Christ.  And we need strength to be of good encouragement to our brethren.

We also welcome your words of encouragement posted here online, even adding words of encouragement to be shared for others who may read them here online and benefit from them as well.

Physical Needs

My wife and I have been blessed by God to work to provide most of our needs, and we rejoice in this because we do not want to be a burden to the precious bride of Christ.  But, as we are doing more and more work we are running into more expenses that we cannot bear alone.  We rejoice in love offerings that are freely given by those who have prayed for us and feel led to support our work and meet those needs that we struggle to meet on our own.

If the Lord has put it on your heart to help us, then we joyfully praise the Lord for His provision and welcome the support.

We thank you for your love and join with you in praising the Lord for His kindness.  Amen!

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