1st Timothy Discipleship Coursework

I’m thrilled to introduce our first edition of our new discipleship coursework on 1st Timothy!  

Click here to download: 1 Timothy Discipleship Coursework

This guide takes an in-depth, Bible intensive, look at the book of 1st Timothy.  It is designed to be completed over 16+ weeks of study and prayer under the mentorship of a pastor.

This course is not designed for the “classroom environment”, although it may be adapted for such use.  It is designed for individual use.  The student should prayerfully work through the material, turning in his or her work to the student’s mentoring pastor and discussing the material accordingly.

This course has been used on the mission field.  It is my experience that the pastor should exhort and encourage each student not to rush through the material, as this course is very intensive on Bible readings and there will be a temptation to rush through the references for “completion sake”.  Students need to be encouraged to prayerfully consider each passage to understand their connection to the 1st Timothy passage being discussed.  This exercise will help train disciples to “rightly divide the word of God”.

key features

  • Character Profile
  • Verse by Verse Sections
  • In-depth Bible Cross References
  • Bible-interprets-Bible
  • Section Questions
  • Essay Questions
Please feel free to download the above PDF file for free!  If you feel that you would like to help us, you’re most certainly welcome to donate– though not obligated!
Please do not change or sell this material as I retain the copyright.

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