New Bible Discussion Channel on Disqus!

I want to invite everyone to come join me in discussing the wonderful faith we have from God on my new discussion channel hosted by Disqus:

This channel is focused on proclaiming the word of God with impactful truths and joyous celebrations of who God is; we encourage and welcome everyone who loves God’s word and heart to come participate!

We just started, so I also need the help getting the channel off the ground!  Small-fish like my channel don’t get the attention at first of the main page.

The reason I started this discussion channel even though I am already loaded to the max with work to do abroad over here is because I can’t escape the sense that the internet needs as many bastions of Biblical truth where peaceful, respectful, and faithful dialogues can encourage believers and reach out to curious onlookers with the hope of God’s word!  There are a lot of “Christian channels” claiming to be about Bible truth that get immersed in controversy, conspiracy, and malice – my endeavor will be to keep this channel free from such leaven.

So come and help us get started!

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