One Gospel

Charles Spurgeon’s father was a lesser known preacher who once said of his son that “Charles may preach the gospel better than I, but no one can preach a better gospel”.

I believe today’s Church is far too fascinated with the messenger, and altogether far too uninterested in the message!  I would much rather be the worst preacher of the true gospel than the greatest preacher of a false gospel. Give me a true word, or give me no word at all.

The point is this: there is only one gospel which is appointed to nourish the soul and stir the spirit, and the effectiveness of that gospel upon those who hear depends little on the messenger, and greatly upon the ears upon which it falls!

The problem we face today is not that of a shortage of talented preachers, but that of deaf ears!   Or worse, of ears eager to be tickled!

Would we accept a preacher who eloquently expounds God’s promises of life and joy to us?  No doubt.  But will we also accept the preacher who faithfully preaches the true judgments of God to warn us to turn from out wicked ways?  We may be less inclined to accept such a preacher, and more inclined to discredit him, ostracize him, and throw him out of our churches and our lives!

But this much I would say again: there is only one gospel that can simultaneously convict the souls of men to their uttermost and stir their spirits up to righteous living, and that is the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ!

It needs no amendments, and it needs not accoutrements; it alone is the power of God for salvation to all in Christ Jesus, and we must not be ashamed of it!

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