The Effectual Conduct of Holiness

A holiness that is not understood to be expressed by Christ’s love working through us is just as dangerous as a holiness that is not understood at all. Believing holiness to be cruel, uncaring, disconnected, and cold is to believe that God is cruel, uncaring, disconnected, and cold because God is holy, and Christ is our holiness!  Love is the effectual conduct of holiness.

“He who says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in the darkness until now. He who loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him. But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” 1 John 2:9-11

“But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection” Colossians 3:14

“God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love” Ephesians 1:4

Anything that perverts your understanding and expression of Christ’s love is from the Devil and is a lethal weapon designed to destroy soul.

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold” Matthew 24:12

I urge the Church to abide in the love of Christ so that we should not be deceived by a counterfeit love and have our holiness destroyed.

“As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” John 15:9-10

“Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord” Hebrews 12:14

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