A Gospel That Is Uncomfortable

Because I’m a preacher I have the sometimes privilege, sometimes undesirable work of professionally annoying people with the truths that they were trying to hide from (I’m not sure, but this might be why people avoid me).

One of those truths is that you can talk about God all you want, complain all you want about the hypocrisy of the Church, post all you want about God on facebook, vote conservative, and go to Church daily, but if your life has not been entirely crucified on the cross of Christ and made wholly new by the resurrection of the Holy Spirit, then you are no different than the Pharisees John the Baptist called “a brood of vipers”; you are still sons and daughters of the father of all lies- the Devil.

This is why I preach the truth that if holiness is not the characteristic of your life, then Jesus is not the Lord of your life and you are still dead in your sins; I preach this truth because I would much rather see my beloved friends and family uncomfortable in their sins and moved to repentance than see them deceived by wolves who promise “peace” where there is no peace; indeed I would much rather bear the accusations and slander of my beloved friends and family as being an intolerable self-righteous man than receive praise and acclamation from the dead whom I never tried to turn from destruction!

Today’s Church must realize that we simply cannot compromise the truth; neither to obtain a form of godliness, though denying its power (2 Timothy 3:5), nor to have the appearance of liberty, though being slaves of corruption (2 Peter 2:19)! We cannot compromise and exchange the truth of God for the deceptions of the devil. True godliness will not condemn the righteous, nor will true liberty justify the wicked!

The unseemly truth of the matter is that until you come to the realization that you will be judged for your sins and the demand of salvation is so wholly beyond your powers to accomplish that you know you are utterly helpless, you will remain dead in the darkness of your sins.

Faith is the irrevocable demand of Jesus Christ; to “trust and obey”, as the old hymn goes, “is the only way” with Jesus Christ. If upon hearing “that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God” (Eph. 5:5), you harden your heart and seek to justify that which has already been condemned by Christ, it is imperative that you come to your knees in repentance, for you do not yet have the faith that was authored by Jesus Christ. His faith did not seek an alternative way to justify the sins that had separated mankind from God, rather, His faith embraced the cross and accepted death for the mortal body that it might gain life by the Holy Spirit!

It is fitting, then, for the impossibility of the gospel to be clothed in this simplicity, namely, that to anyone who will simply “trust and obey” the Gate will open wherein you may enter and abide in the love of God.

The gospel that does not make you exclaim “that is impossible! If that is true, who could be saved?” is no gospel at all. The fact is that the salvation of Jesus Christ IS impossible for man, and if you aren’t confronted by that reality, then you haven’t been confronted by the gospel my beloved brethren.

Is this your gospel?

It is time that we each go seek God through prayer and the Word in the quiet of your secret place.

3 thoughts on “A Gospel That Is Uncomfortable”

  1. FINALLY!! You have written your books of remembrance here and there are some who have been offended by the words you have sown.
    Yes I am accountable for myself and I will continue to offend man and honour the one that created me and all that is written and everything that is spoken is not for me to consider that I have knowledge of .
    But I do have faith to declare that my heart is cautious about offending God. For the Lord my God is a jealous God. And all that is taught by man is not what you have been taught and what you have sown.
    You have written your books and made your choice . And all that understand will understand . God confirms everything that is truth and let no deceit come by my hands.


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