The Inescapable Conclusion

For those who have talked trash about Donald Trump, I believe it is time to ask a question: why is a message of fury, outrage, indignation, covetousness, and pride so effective?

Though I do not support Donald Trump, and regardless of my high regard for Dr. Carson and belief that he and others who do support him have pure intentions, I’m trying to get at something that goes much deeper than our politics.

If our answer to this question does not lead us to the inescapable conclusion that this nation is in desperate need of the gospel, and subsequently to the conclusion that you bear the undeniable commission of the Lord to preach His gospel, then you have reached the wrong conclusion.

It’s not liberalism or one political party or another that is to blame for the deep chasms of division and resentment we see in this nation; it is generation after generation that has forsaken the pursuit of God in favor of money, power, and pleasure! Generations brought up under the very shelter of the Church!

No, I believe the inescapable conclusion of today’s time is a very clear demand for the Church to rend its heart and weep with repentance! Not for show, nor for revival, but for godly sorrow! For the Church to continue to live in luxury in the face of such wickedness today is an atrocity that I cannot even fathom. To neatly lay blindfolds over our eyes and content ourselves with squeezing every last bit of comfort out of life while we can before the whole land goes to hell is a sin not unlike that of offering our children up on the altars of Molech.

I believe the only acceptable conclusion for a Church that stands face to face with today’s world is to perfect our repentance, forgive those we bear grievances against, be relentless with mercy, and be fierce with the gospel. You cannot repent with a sincere heart if you do not forgive those you have grievances against; your political leaders, your neighbors, your family, your friends, and your church- you must forgive all who have injured you and extend relentless mercy to those who have fallen and are trying to get back up.  And we must preach the gospel with the fierceness of the martyr!

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