Cross-less Christians

Please bear with the zeal in which I write this post. I am writing this post being gripped by the spirit of travail because so many in the Church are manifestly living as cross-less Christians! It is not even that the cross is wholly absent from our preaching; far worse! It is often present to one degree or another in our preaching, but almost entirely absent from our living! The day to day life of the average Christian is almost entirely unaffected by the cross of Jesus Christ, save for the mythical notion that they will receive the benefit of the cross they never carried on their judgment day!

I do sincerely ask that the Spirit give the Church at large understanding and conviction to know that no Christian is one without taking up the cross!

We must put away this idea that there is a Christ who bore the cross, and our sins in his flesh, so that we could enjoy life more fully, excel more abundantly in our dreams, or become good Republican citizens!  It is impossible to accept Christ and not accept His cross! If we accept Christ, but go on living for self, we are doubly damned as before.

Put away your grumbling and take up praise!
Put away your deceiving and take up the truth!
Put away your pride and take up the humble yoke of Christ!

Before regeneration can occur it is necessary for something to die; something that was previously alive and thriving must wither and die. To think otherwise is to wholly reject the entirety of the gospel and commit flagrant adultery with another Jesus!

The cross-less Christian is more preoccupied by worldly hobbies than he or she is with the will of God, but the “hobbies” of a Christian are the projects of their Father!

Don’t be deceived by those who would lead you to believe that you can be a child of God while your heart, time, efforts, and passions can be consumed by the things of this world. Certainly there are many that would like to see the Church forget that friendship with the world is enmity towards God, but we must by no means be deceived by them. They are enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame- who set their mind on earthly things!

The vast majority of churches in Western Christianity- and those we have spawned abroad- both liberal and conservative, are edging towards a precipice from which they will fall into the judgment of God if they do not become zealous and repent. Rend your hearts before God! Humble yourself! Is there no feeling left in our hearts that we are not moved with zeal over the blasphemies the so-called Church has brought upon the precious name of Jesus Christ?

It is time that we take up our cross and follow Christ. It is time to deny ourselves and follow the voice of our Shepherd.

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