Beware Spiritual Lust

There’s a door of temptation that is often wide open in many people’s lives and it rarely gets exposed; I’m talking about the temptation of spiritual lust.  By that I mean the same carnal lusts that we find in “the pride of life”, “the lusts of the flesh”, and “the lusts of the eyes”, except it is focused on spiritual aspects.

First consider the physical effects lust has on relationships between spouses: lust causes dissatisfaction, discontentment, quarrels, and doubt to spring up between a husband and a wife- in the most painful of terms it drives a wedge between two people whom God has made one, and breaks unity in that sacred body.


The 10th commandment of God warns against this:

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” ~Deuteronomy 5:21

Spiritual lust can occur when a man see’s the spiritual attributes of another woman and becomes dissatisfied with his own wife; he starts trying to conform his wife to the nature of another woman rather than nurturing the one to whom he has been joined together with by God.  The same is true of women who see the spiritual nature of another man and begin to harden themselves to their husbands who they are now dissatisfied with.

Once a husband or wife sees another person and becomes dissatisfied with their own spouse, discontentment breaks into life and spreads across every element of their life, both public and private.  This brings quarrels into their marriage, and, eventually into their other relationships.  When these things take deep enough root, doubt fills their heart towards their husband or wife- and when bitterness sets in, it can even fill their heart with doubts towards God who joined them together with their spouse.

Really what we are calling “spiritual lust” is nothing more than carnal lust, it is just set on things of a spiritual nature and is more often found in those of a spiritual mind than the plain carnal lusts.


So here is a warning for my brothers and sisters in Christ: never look at another man or another woman to compare them to your own husband or wife.  To look at another man or woman and become dissatisfied with your own husband or wife is the key that unlocks the door to the  covetousness and lust that will destroy your marriage; it is a sin against the God who has joined you together with your spouse, and it is sheer folly.


Never compare your spouse to another man or woman, for you will only find either pride on the one hand, or lust and covetousness on the other.  Rather, cherish and nurture the good in your husband or wife, and show mercy in patience, lest the wrath of God break out against you in the same manner yours broke out against your spouse!


There is only One to whom you can come for the waters that will satisfy your every thirst, the One Christ Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, from Him comes the love by which you can love your husband or wife, your children, your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and the strangers in the land.  Let your eyes be set only on Christ that your heart may rest in satisfaction and contentment, and the grace and peace of Christ will fill your every thought, amen!

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