Asking For Prayers

We have been blessed with a lot of work here in Kansas City- and sweet fellowship and unity with brethren that has been of immense blessing and refreshing- but with these blessings and increased work comes a greater strain on my time.

Consequently I will probably be posting fewer posts here for a few months.  However, I will continue to post my audio sermons from Sundays.   I also hope to catch up on a very backlog of posts that I have in the works- right now I have about 15 full posts that I’ve been working on but have been unable to complete.

So, I wanted to let everyone know there will be a slowdown in posts, but I am not quitting.  It is only because I can’t keep up!


I’ll start with an important, but necessarily vague prayer request: Mary and I are walking by faith through a period of decision as we wait on the Lord.  We’re asking for prayers of discernment, for wisdom, and for increased faith.  And, as if you needed any more ambiguity in this already ambiguous request, we offer thanksgiving to God, who has kept our hearts and minds girded up in peace thus far.

Evangelism here has been awesome- we’re witnessing to pastors, to drunks, to rich men, to homeless, to bouncers, and every kind of vain philosophy in this world; I’ve seen Jesus standing at the door of peoples hearts knocking!  The Holy Spirit is shaking strongholds as mighty thunder shakes a shack.  Therefore, please pray that our time witnessing is blessed and that Jesus would reveal Himself by grace and mercy to the lost!

We also ask that you pray for restored unity with dearly loved brethren who have forsaken us.  I have had to wrestle with the reality that I cannot force anyone to seek unity and reconciliation, but my heart is utterly broken because of the selfish reasoning’s of men’s hearts that have been exalted in the Church over Jesus’ most earnest prayer for Church unity!  Therefore, please pray that the body would humble itself before the high commandments of Jesus Christ and lay aside bitterness, selfish ambition, envy, deceit, gossip, contention, and begin to love one another in deed and in truth.

Forgive my preaching here for a moment, but I do want to add a note here about “love in deed and truth”: anyone who claims to love God but has not obeyed Jesus’ commandments to seek reconciliation with the body is deceiving themselves and does not love God- they love themselves over God, because they’re putting their own concerns, judgments, and thoughts above those of Jesus Christ.

Please join me in mourning for the sins of the Church and begging God to forgive our disunity and our selfishness!  I pray even for all you whom I may not know, but are ever bit as much part of this body as I am, that anyone whom you may have temporarily lost fellowship with may be restored to you quickly in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Remember, love hopes!  It is certain of better things, even as Paul wrote, and pursues peace!  It never turns its back when someone gives an open door for reconciliation (again, dis-fellowship should only ever occur where the Bible explicitly says- all other dis-fellowship is cowardly and selfish).

Anyway, my last request for prayer is concern our financial provision and my health.  Please pray that my health would continue to get better and that God would continue to make miraculous provision for our needs, as He has been.

To all who pray for us in sincere unleavened love, I thank you!

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