The “I’m Not Called To That” Excuse

Ever notice how the chief description of Jesus’ life and conduct in the Bible was “I must be about My Father’s business”? That’s because it was written of Jesus, “Behold, I have come- in the volume of the book it is written of Me- to do Your will, O God” (Hebrews 10:7).  Jesus’ life was known by His acts of compassion that glorified God, His powerful sermons calling all men everywhere to repentance in His name, and His awesome demonstrations of the power of God.

Then, after Jesus ascends into Heaven and the Holy Spirit is sent upon His waiting Church, the collective Body of Christ takes on these chief attributes itself; the Church becomes known for her acts of world-renowned compassion, soul piercing calls to repentance, and awe-inspiring demonstrations of the power of God! No individual member of the body seemed totally disconnected from these works; while one member may not preach, he or she might work miracles or be engaged in great works of compassion.  Indeed, toward those individual members who are slack or impaired in doing the work of God, we’re exhorted to “strengthen the hands which hang down and the feeble knees” (Hebrews 12:12).

But we do not hear Jesus’ answer, “I must be about My Father’s business” in the Church today, instead, we hear “Oh, I’m not called to that ministry!”

Ask members in the Church today if they preach the gospel to their neighbors, and many of them will tell you “that’s not my calling”.  Then ask them about acts of compassion and they’ll say, “OH No! That’s not my calling!” Inquire about the divine demonstration of the power of God and you’ll hear the same retort, “Some people are into that, but that’s not really my calling”.

I have to wonder, what is your calling, Church?

Pew sitting, hint dropping, and facebook-page-liking doesn’t seem to be the call of God that I see in the Bible.

Understand that the primary offices of the Church were given “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry…” (Ephesians 4:12).  Therefore, it greatly concerns me where I see a glut of Sunday-school teaching but no works of God being accomplished!  It is alarming to me that the true works of God seen in Jesus have been replaced in the Church by women’s knitting clubs, Superbowl services, and the whole colorful host of our church programs.

I believe we are called to the works of ministry seen in and commissioned by Jesus Christ our Lord, and that all the other peripheral programs of our day are just easier and more appealing distractions from the work you and I are supposed to be doing in Jesus’ name!

Ask yourself why the Church today prays so little?  Because she has nothing to pray about!!!  She’s not busy doing the divine work of God that no flesh can do on its own- she’s distracted by a flood of worldly cares!

Ask yourself why Christians today study their Bible’s so little?  Because they have nothing to study the Bible for!!!  They’re not busy engaging the powers of darkness which no carnal weapons can withstand!

Prayer calls upon God for the divine accomplishment of His will, and the Word of God is not His divine Blockbuster hit, it’s the sword of the Spirit, mighty in God for pulling down strongholds and subduing the spiritual powers of the enemy!

Oh pray to God that the Church again sets her hand to the plow and gets busy about the work of God- and then go yourself to His work- for in that day the mighty works of God will be seen like they have never been seen before!

I believe God is preparing a people through whom He will demonstrate His power and righteousness to the whole world, but I do not believe it will be like the days of Pentecost when 5,000’s converted at a time, rather, I believe it will be like the days of Noah, and we shall see God work through that small faithful remnant to do His will and glorify His name.

My question to you tonight is twofold: what is your calling, Church, and are you doing your work?

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