Tough Questions

It’s been on my mind for a while to address tough questions. These answers are not intended to become dogmatic and dividing lines that can’t be challenged, rather, they’re intended to generate thought and conversation between brothers and sisters who are committed to “having the same mind as Christ” together in unity; and it’s my exhortation that where differences occur, we take Paul’s counsel that “if in anything we think otherwise, God will reveal even this to us” (Philippians 3:15) and we commit to waiting together on the Lord to teach us the right ways. Check back periodically as this list will grow, and feel free to submit questions you’d like me to address in the comments section below.

Tough Questions

Questions on the Horizon

  • Is God Genocidal?
  • Pastors & Elders
  • Is Disfellowshipping Biblical?
  • Husbands & Wives: part 1, part 2, part 3
  • Using Personal Platforms for God
  • The Personality Cult Church Model: Acceptable or Not?
  • Are Seminary’s a Biblical form of Discipleship?

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