Marriage & Christ

Any time you enter into a relationship with someone, it alters your life.

When I married Mary, my life changed forever. My time, my efforts, my thoughts and feelings, all began to gravitate towards her. And nothing has changed so far; my time, thoughts and feelings, and efforts still gravitate towards her, even on my busiest weeks, the gravity still pulls us back together because we are God-pronounced as one.

I’ve heard it said, and tend to agree, that one of the best indicators that trouble is on the horizon between a husband and wife is when this gravity is broken and one of the spouses begins to retake their time, attention, thoughts, and feelings, and invests them in other pursuits.

Many couples are living in virtual-divorce; they occupy the same space, but live completely separate lives, pursuing completely different goals, and share relatively few commonalities together.
This same principle applies to our relationship with Christ because we are His bride.

One of the best indicators that our relationship with Christ is in trouble is whether or not we have broken the gravity that pulls us together with Him. There are a lot of Christians who are living completely separate lives from Christ, pursuing completely different goals and sharing almost nothing in common with Him- they are living lives virtually divorced from Christ. They have retaken their time, and invested it elsewhere, and they’ve retaken their hearts, and invested them elsewhere.

We need to understand that it’s usually when the gravity between a husband and wife has been broken that one of them is in the most danger cheating with someone else. Rarely does someone become unfaithful when they are utterly in love with their spouse and that gravity remains in tact. Their time, attention, thoughts and feelings all act to reinforce their relationship. Likewise, a Christian who is no longer drawn to Christ in these real and tangible ways is in extreme danger of being seduced by the World.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of husbands deceived themselves into thinking that their relationship was good with their wife because they were out working 60 hours a week “for her”, but yet their relationship deteriorated and they fell for someone in the office because they had broken that gravity with their spouse. “Ministry” is not the same thing as a relationship with Christ. Nothing can replace our time in fellowship with the Lord. Nothing. When someone has a vibrant relationship with Christ, then their ministry and kingdom-work is meaningful and fruitful.

I hope to encourage my brethren to give meaningful consideration to their relationship with Christ; it is the most meaningful and life-altering relationship you have.

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