The Sacrifice of Praise

My heart burns to see spirit-full, truth-full worship being offered to God from the Church!  I long to see our oft heartless worship give way to the continual worship that God is worthy to receive!


King David refused to offer sacrifices to God that cost him nothing; he even refused to take a discount!  He wasn’t looking for the cheapest way to get around a duty-bound sacrifice to God, but came with a heart groaning deeply to please his beloved LORD!

Worship costs something; if it doesn’t, then it is not worship.

Churches have become so concerned with maintaining their tax-exempt status because they know that most of their constituents won’t give unless they can claim it as a tax-write off and get a discount on their giving.  But I am so very concerned with the defilement of our offering to God!

If you will worship God in this age, it will cost you something- not only of your monetary gains, but of your heart and your self-will!


 Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. ~Hebrews 13:15

Our lips are altars of God: from them we offer praise to the God of all creation!

Priests always seek to offer the most holy, pure, and perfect sacrifices to God.  No priest would ever take dung and offer it on the altar of God because it would be an abomination to Him! Yet, when we grumble, complain, backbite, slander each other, and gossip, that is exactly what we are doing.

When we enter trials and difficult times, we have a decision to make: will we offer up to God a worthy sacrifice from the fruit of our lips with thanksgiving to His name, or, put dung on the altar of God and offer up grumbling and complaining to the God who shed His own blood to save our souls?  Will we be like David who refused to offer up to God sacrifices that cost him nothing, and offer praise to God even in the pain of our darkest hour?


I was worshipping this week with a song that began by saying “we come here today to worship you”, and I pierced through the heart by the Holy Spirit because that statement did not feel true of me; I did not “come to worship”.

I was overwhelmed by the reality that my heart is not prepared enough to continually offer the sacrifices of praise with thanksgiving to the name of Christ to the point that I can say, wherever I am, that “I came here to worship God”.  But oh how I desperately want to be able to say from my spirit in truth, “I came here to worship God”, wherever I am!


I have great hope for the future because I know that my Christ is a refining fire and a purifying soap, who has come to purify us so that we can make offerings to God in righteousness!

I am calling on Jesus to purify my heart, whatever the cost, so that I can give Him the fruit of my lips with thanksgiving to His holy and worthy name!

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