Love & Holiness

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The Christian is called to two necessarily coexisting states of “being”: perfect love and holiness.  Love, especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ, is the identifying fruit of God’s abiding in us, and, holiness is the fabric/character of our new nature in Christ, without which, no one will see God.

Love is the effectual expression in truth of the divine disposition towards others according to the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit in our life.  Apart from love, we are nothing: it is the foremost compelling motive in our heart that drives us into a lost and dying world to suffer insult, injury, persecution, and trial to seek and save the lost!  Love is the greatest command; it burns in our heart first for God, and then towards His creation!

Wherever lawlessness abounds, love grows cold!  Anyone who does not love their brother is walking in the darkness and has been blinded by it.

Likewise, Holiness is the blameless conduct of love to which we have been called by God; you will never find holiness where love does not thrive!  Holiness does not come from a strict adherence to a law-code, but, from the whole of our spirit, soul, and body being sanctified through and through by the Holy Spirit with the blood of Christ in the Refiner’s fire.

Departing from these things has wrecked untold havoc in the Church; for there will be many who will hear those terrible words from Jesus, “depart from Me, you worker of iniquity, for I never knew you”; they have a bold false confidence today, but have been defrauded by false teachers who did not warn them that their backbiting, slandering, covetousness, and licentiousness was storing up, and heralding, the wrath of God from Heaven!

We know that whoever calls on the name of Jesus must depart from iniquity; this is impossible with men, but made possible for us by the cross of Christ and the power of resurrection of the Holy Spirit.

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