The Lord’s call is both universal to the Church, and unique to the individual, meaning that every member of the Body of Christ bears certain immutable calls upon his or her life- things like Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 5:43-481 Thess. 4:1-8, 1 Peter 1:13-21Galatians 5:13, Ephesians 4:4– but also that each individual member of the Body bears a unique call upon their life according to the Holy Spirit.

This means that we should be wholeheartedly committed to answering His call, both to the Church as a whole, and to the individual member of the Body.  And we believe that the law of Christ means that we should be committed to carrying each other’s burdens with His same love using the grace He has entrusted individually to each one of us.


The Church is Christ’s body and the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who lives in each of us.  It’s a spiritual house for a royal priesthood, and it is one body in the same way that Christ is One; and because we are one in Christ, we also belong to each other as being individually members of one another.

Being the body of Christ means, among other things, that the Church is the living body through which Christ demonstrates His ongoing love to the world and communicates God’s message of repentance and reconciliation to a dying and broken world.  Being the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit means that we are the temple where the sacrifices and praises of God are offered up continually!


Jesus said that His food was to do the Father’s will, and He blessed the servants who were found busy doing their master’s work when He returned.

To be nourished with obedience to the Father’s will means that we must know and understand God’s will for our life with renewed minds; we’re not content to pick one or two choice slogans from scripture to use to advance our own cause or movement.  Our only aim is to walk in fellowship with our Heavenly Father as those who walk in the light.  This can only be accomplished by the blood of Jesus by which we are saved unto good works to the glory of the Father.

The conduct that is befitting of those who heed the call of God through the gospel is clothed in all meekness and gentleness; it is long-suffering and establishes unity in the body with peace.

And just as every Christian bears certain immutable calls of God upon their life- such as the call to holiness or evangelism- so also does every Christian have a unique call pressing upon them individually.  And we are to be committed to helping each other bear our burdens with love according to the immutable law of Christ.


Our aim is not to make disciples of ourselves- we don’t expect each other to look like ourselves or fill the same function in the body as we do- our aim is to make disciples of Christ who unanimously glorify God with us in all that we do.  We do not embrace a location-centric mindset of the Church, but rather, operate within the reality that we are the Church.

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