Redefining Dangerous

The most dangerous place on earth is the safest place for you to be if it is God’s will for you, and the safest place on earth is the most dangerous place for you if it isn’t.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will save it. ~Luke 9:24

It is always a curse to God’s people whenever they begin to trust in the elements of this world for their safety: weapons, walls, geographic locations, or money- all these uncertain things prove to be a bitter cup of woe and disappointment in our hour of trial.  But, whoever understands what Jesus said here will be full of peace in their season of trial because they are standing on the Rock.

Recently there have been a lot of news reports interviewing U.S. generals about American military preparedness= something I think the U.S. should try to maintain- but, there is a tremendously deep-seeded foolishness among our people that believes we can sow abundant wickedness and reap anything less than destruction and injustice.

No military, no great wealth, no place of refuge can hide you from the wrath of God.

Speaking to my brothers and sisters in Christ now, you cannot hide from your woes, nor can you find peace in any stronghold if you are not walking the path God wants you to walk.  To you whom God is saying “go”, do not fear because of what may be ahead of you if you do go, rather, fear what will overtake you if you do not!  And to you whom God is saying “stay”, do not fear the wild beasts in the land where you reside, rather, fear the plagues that await you in the stronghold to which you seek to run to!

Brethren, it is not for us to reason with God, nor make plans of our own, saying “tomorrow or next year I will go here and there”, rather, it is for us to listen and obey.

Be of good courage- you are in mighty hands!  Simply trust Him.  Seek not your life, but seek Him!

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