We Need A Revival In The Ministry

Brothers and sisters, I’m asking for you to join with me in serious prayer over those who have been charged as leaders in the Body of Christ; to wage spiritual war with the mighty weapon of prayer on behalf of ministers all over this country who feel oppressed by darkness, discouragement, bondage, lukewarmness, and faithlessness.

We need revival in leadership.

Words fail to communicate the hopelessness many pastors feel and the weight of discouragement they bear on their shoulders as they are trying earnestly to lead their congregations faithfully before God.  Many face congregations filled with obstinate hearts, others grapple with disorder in their own homes.  Many are concealing hidden iniquity that is wrecking havoc in their hearts and destroying their churches.


Pray hard for the leaders God has appointed in the body.

Brethren, we have preachers that have lost their anointing!  We have pastors that have lost their first love!  They have lost their zeal!  They have lost their courage!

Pray for God’s renewing to come upon our leaders to renew their anointing, refresh their love, invigorate their zeal, and embolden their courage!

These are not pastors who have fallen away or suffered shipwreck of their faith; they are those who earnestly love the Lord, who still lift their hearts to God alone, and who have not bowed the knee to the idols of this age; but they are filled with sorrow and surrounded by darkness.


Pray hard for the leaders God has appointed in the body.

Brethren, no one is impervious to the onslaught of Satan- even Jesus faced temptation- and no one is above stumbling; so many pulpits today are filled by pastors who carry the burden of guilt every Sunday.  So many pastors have chains of hidden iniquity upon them.

Satan is winning in our Churches because he has the Shepherds bound in sin!!!

But we serve a might God, and merciful, who appointed “mercy to triumph over judgment” and “good to overcome evil”.  Pray, my brethren, for the pastors who are held in bondage to sin!


Pray hard for the leaders God has appointed in the body.

Brethren, we have many pastors in our assemblies who are eloquent with words and well educated, but have never been appointed by God.  They are false ambassadors, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and men trained in covetousness.

Let us pray that Jesus would come swiftly and sift these men from the pulpits and heads of our assemblies!  For He knows whom He has appointed, and who is an imposter in the assembly!


Brothers and sisters, you do  not bear the blessed privilege of prayer in vain!  God has appointed prayer to bear much fruit to His glory- if only you would pray!

Therefore, let perseverance prove the sincerity of your prayer as fire proves the quality of gold, and pray for your leaders!

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