The Storm

The Fear of the LORD

Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation; the fear of the LORD is His treasure. ~Isaiah 33:6



In this sermon we will address the treasure of the LORD that is often cast aside in our modern times.

3 thoughts on “The Fear of the LORD”

  1. Sister Karen,

    Thank you for your encouragements, especially for Galatians 6:9 as that was a timely verse for me.

    I emailed you a link to my dropbox account which has this mp3 file along with the ppt.

    Grace and peace to you as you abide with Christ, amen!


  2. David, thank you SO much for posting this! I’d listened to a portion of it a while back and finally finished listening to the rest of it yesterday. What an encouragement it has been to me! What meaty and vital teaching, which, sad to say, is all but absent in the American church at this point in time.

    Within the past couple months, as I was become increasingly frustrated with and dismayed over the doctrinal slide all around, it struck me that what fuels and underlies all of that is a presumptuous and lackadaisical attitude toward God, one that precludes fearing the LORD and trembling at His Word (Isaiah 66:1-2ff).

    (Is there any chance you could email me an mp3 file of this message?)

    Galatians 6:9.

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