SCHOOL OF PRAYER: Hallowed Be Thy Name II

Trials and tribulation have a way of weeding out unfaithfulness

By Brad Henderson

The Fruit of Lips

God’s not looking for a morning cloud that burns off in the heat; he’s looking for a thunderhead that rises up and is at it’s most glorious and most powerful state in the most intense heat of the day…

God’s looking for a noble vessel, a vessel of honor, that won’t throw over its most precious cargo when the sea gets rough and the storms rage…

The fruit of lips that praise Him…Jesus said, I have appointed you to bear fruit, and God said in Isaiah 57:19 “I create the fruit of lips”.

Remember the Spirit He caused to dwell in us cries out; it confesses and it bears the fruit of lips that praise Him, it’s not a work of the flesh, but of the Spirit (remember we worship Him in SPIRIT and IN TRUTH).

Job 2: Satan said to God does Job worship you for nothing? Later he says, Though He slay me, I will put my trust in Him.”

Paul and Silas were thrown into prison in Acts 16:22-34.  In the inner prison, knee deep in sewer water, they didn’t curse God because they were obedient to Him.  Then they had to suffer for it, yet they praised His name from the prison sewer, and people got saved and delivered, the fruit of lips that praise him…

In Acts 4:23, Peter and John and the disciples rejoiced in their persecution. They were filled with the holy ghost and boldness. The fruit of lips that praise His name

In Acts 5:41 the apostles rejoiced when they were beaten because they were able to suffer for the Name of Jesus….in those days the number of disciples increased… the fruit of lips that praise Him….

In 2Thessalonians 1:4-5, Paul rejoiced and boasted in their trials and tribulations, because it was evidence of God’s righteous judgment that they were being counted worthy of the kingdom for which they suffered… The fruit of lips that praise His name…

The Testimony of the Faithful

The Chinese church refusing to reject Christ suffered jail, torture, and loss of everything, electrocutions, death, poverty, hunger, and thirst.  The government even dams up rivers to prevent them from baptizing believers.  They did not bow or bend.  They said we would listen to God rather than men… The underground church in China is the greatest revival ever recorded on earth…The fruit of lips that praise him.

I met a Pastor in China who is from Africa and cut down the JU JU tree in his village because God told him to because it was where the witch doctors met to practice their evil and make sacrifices to the demons.

He cut it down and was cursed by the witch doctors and was put in prison because it was illegal to do so.  They had to release him from prison because he continued to worship God and confess Christ, and while he was in prison, so many of the prisoners began to be converted they released him before revival broke out all over the prison… The fruit of lips that praise him.

Young woman Joli, translator in China, who, though they’ve taken everything they have, and all their worship resources and instruments, she wept when she said, “I just want to serve Jesus.”  The fruit of lips that praise him.

Why do you worship God



A TEST by Brad:

–       Have you sought only the works of God and not God Himself?

–       Have you sought only the kingdom of God and not the God of this Kingdom?

–       Have you sought signs and wonders and not the ONE who is to be wondered at?

–       Have you sought His wonderful benefits, and not the benefactor himself Christ Jesus?


HE is more awesome than His Holy Places and more glorious than the cloud of glory He rides upon (Psalms).

If God be God worship Him…If Jesus is Lord exalt Him

Worship Him in spirit and in truth, apart from circumstance, trial, or tribulation.

He is God…

The world, your family, and maybe your friends, will look at your suffering and trials as a reproach, and say, curse God and die, as Job’s wife…

Reckon within yourselves, “Though they take my life, I will Love and worship Him, though they burn me at the stake I will glorify Him, though they take all that I have I will praise Him.  I will be faithful because He is faithful”.

Because I have believed I will speak.

I will confess His name.

I will suffer for His name so that I might also be glorified with Him.

I will bear the fruit of lips that praise Him, I will offer the sacrifice of praise, in times of peace, and in warfare…




Remember it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of his mouth, this defiles him


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