By Brad Henderson


School of Prayer has been conducted by Brad Henderson; Brad is a faithful and close brother serving in the Lords work.

School of Prayer consists of:

  • Daily Bread
  • Our Father
  • The Power of Agreement
  • Thy Kingdom

Brad is currently teaching this series and building upon it.  We are praying for wisdom and revelation from God upon him as he teaches and adds more to this series.

School of Prayer II will address: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

  • Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread….
  • Matthew 6:28-33 God takes care of our physical needs…
  • JOHN 6:48-58 I am the bread of Life

Key study: Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9, & John 6


  1. They were in a deserted place –
    1. There was no food or provision around to feed this great multitude; Psalm 78:19-20, Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?
    2. The disciples seeing this first tried to send them away to get their own food.
    3. Jesus’s response:  “YOU GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO EAT”.
      1. John 21; Jesus said “Peter do you love me? Then FEED MY SHEEP. Peter do you love me? THEN TEND TO MY SHEEP. Peter do you love me? THEN FEED MY SHEEP! 

i.     YOU FEED THEM- A KINGDOM OF PARTNERSHIP; maybe this isn’t Jesus just showing off… maybe this has a spiritual purpose to it… Jesus expected His disciples to feed the multitude in a deserted place… in a place barren of provision…

ii.     Is our daily bread only for US??? 

iii.     How did HE do it?

First, He told His disciples to take of the bread that was already available…

Then they presented it unto Jesus…

And then HE multiplied it…


Take of the Bread

Take of the Bread that is already available, present it unto Jesus and HE will multiply it…

If we’re talking about prayer, we take His word and confess it, present it to him, knowing that all the promises of God in Christ are yes and AMEN…!

When we take of the bread of life and present it unto HIM, not only does he feed us, but He will also bless the multitudes, and with it He will also bless the nations… and after He’s done blessing, you’ll still have leftovers…!

The bread of life is never tapped out… It’s in endless supply… Jesus said “I am the bread of life, and He who comes to me shall never hunger…

John 6:35…Give us this day our daily bread…


Then come and be filled with the bread of life

Some say if I could just get a little crumb, I could go a long way on just a crumb from the Lord’s table… yet Jesus said the crumbs are for the dogs…

Matthew 15:26-27, Get up off the ground and stop begging for crumbs…You’re a child of the King, and no child of the King begs for crumbs…

He’s prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies PSALM 23:5, but also in His presence, LUKE 22:29-30, come to the table that’s prepared for you and be filled with the bread of life, the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth….Jesus Christ…(1 Cor. 5:6-8)  He’s not given you the leftover crumbs, He’s given you His own body!


What Leaven is your bread leavened with?



Jesus compared the Kingdom of Heaven to leaven in MATTHEW 13:33, “The kingdom of Heaven is like leaven which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal until it was all leavened

This speaks of not only the ultimate establishment of God’s kingdom across the face of the earth, but of the inner sanctifying of His power at work within through the Word of His power, the gospel of our salvation….

1Thessolonians 5:23-24 – God Sanctifies us through and through; spirit, soul, and body.



Some seek God for a kind of sustenance, a kind of bread, “give me more wisdom, give me more revelation”, I JUST WANT A WORD FROM THE LORD…”give me give”,  “me give me”.

But the bread they already have (the Word of God) has sat around and gotten stale… they refuse to partake of the bread of life given by Christ, and they seek bread after their own liking. See what happened when Israel fell after this same sin, when she desired bread after her own liking…


Psalm 78 (AGAIN) – They wanted bread after their own desire…

2 Timothy 4:3 – They’ll hear what they want to hear, they’ll seek what is after their own desire…

“Having itching ears and an appetite for false prophets and teaching which appeals to their own appetite, they will no longer endure sound doctrine once they run after this kind of leaven.”

Also, Jesus said, “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees” (Matthew 16:5-12). Leaders that are false prophets offer poison by their teaching, and in doing so, as the Pharisees did, they make their converts two fold the children of hell as they themselves are…


Look back to Hebrews 5 about discerning good from evil by using the Word…The Bread that’s already given…this is how we can effectively test the spirit behind every teaching…1John..)

Do you want that bread of life daily????

The bread through which you will be sanctified through and through, and by which you shall never hunger again? 

Then there’re some other things we must do daily to prepare ourselves to receive it:

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